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  • Y1 Hockey Smash | The Hockey Centre
Young Ones

Y1 Hockey Smash

Hockey Smash has arrived! Perfect timing for Christmas.

Our new game is a lot of fun and great for honing in your 3D Skills! Volleying has become a common skill from top international players and we are seeing more volley goals than ever. Hockey Smash will help you improve your volleying ability and aerial control. 

Great for players of all abilities, from juniors all the way up to top senior athletes. 

One of the best parts of the game is that you can continue to practice your skills away from the pitch. You can play hockey smash anywhere, great for the back garden. The game is played with an inflatable Y1 ball, keeping it fun and safe in all environments. 3 balls and a pump are included. The game cannot be played with a hockey ball. 

The game comes in an handy Y1 draw string carrier bag and is broken down into components. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up. 

It can be played:

1 v 1 - each player gets 2 touches 

2 v 2 - each player gets 1 touch (max 3 touches in total between your pair)

Rally mode - 2 touches per player and can be played with as few or as many players as you like! 

Hockey Smash is a completely new game and is different to other games on the market. We have increased the net size to make it to optimum size for having a hockey rally.