• Evolution 0.5 ULT (2018)
  • Evolution 0.5 ULT (2018)
Mercian Hockey

Evolution 0.5 ULT (2018)

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Mercian Evolution 0.5

90% Carbon hockey stick with 10% fibreglass inserts for touch and durability. Ultimate bend for flicking and easier dribbling.

The Evolution 0.5 has a 90% carbon construction with 10% fibreglass specifically applied under and over the carbon shell to aid ‘feel’ and durability in key areas. This provides a (relatively) softer base layer and final top layer to protect the pure carbon from some of the damage caused to the stiff but brittle carbon fibres in areas of stress, such as the backhand zone. The m-gel and piezo-electric fibres harvest the energy (vibrations) created by strong hits and block the transfer back into the hands, enhancing some feel and playability.