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Young Ones

ADB 50 (2020)

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  • £119.00
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The Young Ones ADB 50 uses a blend of Carbon and Fibreglass to give you the power and control you need on the hockey pitch. The ADB 50 hockey stick uses the ADB bend which is perfect for all round play.


The new and improved ADB 50 for 2019/20.

Our redesigned, thinned blade profile allows you to get under the ball more easily. It has the Y1 'Advanced Dribble Bow' for the creative player looking to combine dribbling and passing from anywhere on the pitch.

We’ve designed the ADB in collaboration with both international Forwards/Midfielders and Defenders. This stick is a beautiful blend of balance and excitement, perfect for the all rounder.

The ADB 50 is 50% Carbon and 50% Aramid/Fibreglass, for a combination of power and soft touch.

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  • Composition: 50% Japanese Toray Carbon fibre / 50% Fibreglass/Aramid
  • Balance point: 40+- inches
  • Bow size: 24mm

Y1 Technologies

  • Reduced head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting.
  • Y1 ‘Balanced toe’ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills.
  • Y1 'Advanced Dribble Bow' specifically designed for creative players.
  • Bristled Extended High control area on head/shaft (EHCA).
  • Hot Edge - Enhanced backhand zone for power.