• BRABO Elite 1 WTB LB Hybrid
  • BRABO Elite 1 WTB LB Hybrid | The Hockey Centre
  • BRABO Elite 1 WTB LB Hybrid | The Hockey Centre

BRABO Elite 1 WTB LB Hybrid

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ELITE 1 WTB Hybrid Powered by TeXtreme with DYNEEMA®


100% Carbon with Dyneema


TeXtreme® carbon, a new technology derived from the lab of the Formula 1 racing cars. Exclusively used by Brabo Hockey Hockey in the field hockey market. Brabo Hockey NR.# 1 in innovations.

The fibres shrink less than other types of fibres and sticks become stronger and generate ultimate power. In addition, the TeXtreme® Carbon reduces the ratio of resin versus tissue, making the range ULTRA LIGHT.

New in the Elite series is the addition of Carbon with Dyneema®, resulting in the brand new ELITE X-1 Hybride. It’s a mix from TeXtreme carbon with Dyneema. Herewith Brabo Hockey has created the ULTRA LIGHT stick with the MAXIMUM POWER an ultimate FEEL. Thanks to the use of Carbon with Dyneema® you will create an ultimate feel, while maintaining the maximum power. The base of the Elite sticks are made of high quality 100% “Pre-Preg carbon fibres, which generates maximum stiffness and a lot of power. Coordinated and easy to generate ball speed.

Maximizing strength and stiffness, the Elite Series is equipped with the Wave Torsion Box Technology. Due this innovation the stick becomes stiffer both in terms of length and torsion due to a diagonal wave structure. The force on an asymmetrical design is converted by the diagonal wave torsion box into pure speed of the ball, efficiency and dynamic power. A thinner toe of the stick gives a better handling and the well-known BRABO HOCKEY grip has an additional layer of EVA layer which is dampening shocks and vibration.