• Dita CarboTec Pro C100 LB 2019 Fluo Red Back
  • Dita CarboTec Pro C100 LB 2019 Fluo Red Face

CarboTec Pro C100 Fluo Red LB (2019)

  • £221.00
  • £340.00
  • - 35%


The choice of top players. Pro performance and power through the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology. Japanese carbon of the highest quality finished with a layer of blue carbon, which is used, among other things, in aviation. Interwoven in the most optimal way for perfect feeling and ultimate power. Reinforced with powerful, vegetable-based bio resin for superior performance and low environmental impact. The 100% carbon construction gives the hockey stick the ultimate feeling of stiffness and control. The 24mm late bow makes the hockey stick suitable for 3D skills, tricks and the sleeppush. Power without losing the all-round performance. Lighter, Better, Faster. One Step Ahead.