ENVO LB 70 (2024)
ENVO LB 70 (2024)
ENVO LB 70 (2024)

Young Ones

ENVO LB 70 (2024)

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Size:36.5" Light
Pickup available at The Hockey Centre Usually ready in 5+ days

ENVO LB 70 (2024)

36.5" Light

The Hockey Centre

Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

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    The Young Ones ENVO LB 70 hockey stick is deigned for hockey players that want to take their game to the next level. The ENVO LB 70 hockey stick is made from Hemp Textreme a Carbon Negative material. The LB Bend has been developed to give you enhanced 3D skills and all round hockey play.


    The new and Carbon Negative ENVO LB 70.

    As a company, Y1 is now carbon neutral and we are continually looking to reduce our impact on the planet, from reducing single use plastics to offsetting our carbon footprint. Our range is here to celebrate the amazing world we have around us.

    Designed with a slightly thinned head profile allowing you to get under the ball more easily. It has the Y1 ‚ Dynamic Bow' for the perfect slingshot action when drag flicking, which makes it the obvious choice for drag flickers and aerial specialists. As used by Belgium International drag flicker and top goalscorer in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, Alex Hendricx.

    The ENVO LB 70 is the first hockey stick in the world to use Hemp Textreme in this new Limited edition Hockey Stick. This makes the ENVO LB Carbon Negative, this layer is the top layer of the hockey stick giving you greater vibration dampening and the perfect feel.


    • Composition: 70% Carbon & 30% Aramid/Fibreglass/Kevlar
    • Swedish 70 Hemp Textreme Carbon Jacket
    • Balance Point: 39
    • Weight: 525g 
    • Bow: 24.5mm
    • Bow Placement: 200mm
    • Cork Grip

    Y1 Technologies

    • Y1 Swedish 70 Hemp Textreme Carbon Technology
    • Shaved‚ head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting
    • Y1 ‚ Recurved Toe‚ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills
    • Y1 'Dynamic Bow' specifically designed for drag flickers
    • Bristled Extended High Control Area on head/shaft (EHCA)
    • Hot Edge - enhanced backhand zone for power
    • New Y1 Durashock Blend end cap to improve shock absorption and power transfer through the ball
    • Cork Grip


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