FG Half Painted Splat

The OBO FG Half Painted Splat is the perfect helmet for keepers that want the edge on the hockey pitch. The Half Painted Splat uses the highest quality fiberglass to ensure the best protection. The Helmet has been painted with a Splat design.


PLEASE NOTE - The LARGE size has been in our shop and has been handled, tried on and looked at.  It is slightly shop soiled and is priced accordingly

Made from Fibreglass and specially formulated flexible resins; with a gel coat for maximum protection and durability. There are many features that make this helmet a popular choice for goal keepers.

The angular shaping provides strength and ball deflection while closed cell polyethylene foam lines the helmet for a soft comfortable fit. It comes with a high carbon steel wire cage which enhances visibility using large eye holes, a fully adjustable five point back plate, and its very own carry bag.


  • Angular Shaping - To deflect the ball
  • Shell Made Of Fiber Glass - Laid with specially formulated flexible reisins and gel coat for maximum protection and durability
  • Double Centre Wire
  • Close Sell Polyethlene - Foam liner
  • 5 Ridge Forehead - For maximum deflection aand shell stiffness
  • Rear Head Panel - Fully adjustable and Protective
  • Removeable (Velcro) Sweatband
  • High Carbon Steel Wire Cage
  • Foam Chin Cup - Adjustable, comfortable and secure
  • Chin And Throat Protection - Strong effective and Aerodynamic
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  • Protection

    • A goalkeeping helmet should fit snug to prevent any shifting and maximize protection. Make sure the chinstrap can be adjusted so it gently makes contact with the chin when fastened.

  • Comfort

    • You should always look for equipment that feels comfortable. Although most helmets are lined with a protective foam, some helmets will feel better than others. Try on different brands of helmets for fit and comfort.

  • Fit

    • With your helmet opened to it’s largest setting gradually begin to downsize the helmet until a comfortably snug fit is achieved. The helmet should rest on the head so that the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with the top of your head.