• Young Ones GLB 50 2020 Back
  • Young Ones GLB 50 2020 Face
Young Ones

GLB 50 (2020)

  • £83.30
  • £119.00
  • - 30%

The Young Ones GLB 50 is the newest stick from Young Ones. The GLB 50 is low bow hockey stick that has been enhanced to ensure your basics dont suffer. The GLB is a low bow hockey stick that is ideal for increasing 3D and basic skill.


A new mould with modern engineering for 2021, the GLB profile is a revolutionary stick that combines a smooth low bow with a squared shaft and face to ensure trapping and hitting does not get impacted by the bow profile.

We have pioneered a new extended backhand powerezone that takes inspiration from the back of a cricket bat. The power transfer and response you get when hitting a reverse stick is truly incredible with this stick.

The GLB 50 is manufactured with 50 % Carbon 50% Aramid/Fibreglass which enables incredible hitting and slapping power. 

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  • Composition:
  • 50% Premium Japanese Carbon / 50% Aramid/Fibreglass
  • Balance point: 39+-
  • Weight: 525g +-
  • Bow 24.5mm
  • Bow placement 250mm

Y1 Technologies

  • Y1 Premium Japanese Carbon
  • Powerzone to increase backhand performance.
  • Y1 ‘Flat face’ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills.
  • Y1 GLB bow specifically designed for the modern player.
  • Bristled Extended High control area on head/shaft (EHCA)