• Young Ones GLB 90 2020 Back
  • Young Ones GLB 90 2020 Face
Young Ones

GLB 90 (2020)

  • £167.30
  • £239.00
  • - 30%

The Young Ones GLB 90 is a revolutionary design by Young Ones. The GLB 90 is a low bow hockey stick that ensures that you don't loose out on your basics skills. The GLB bend is perfect for increasing 3D and basic skills.


A new mould with modern engineering for 2021, the GLB profile is a revolutionary stick that combines a smooth low bow with a squared shaft and face to ensure trapping and hitting does not get impacted by the bow profile.

We have pioneered a new extended backhand powerezone that takes inspiration from the back of a cricket bat. The power transfer and response you get when hitting a reverse stick is truly incredible with this stick.

The GLB 90 is manufactured with 90 % Carbon 10% Aramid/Fibreglass which enables incredible hitting and slapping power. 

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  • Composition:
  • 90% Premium Japanese Carbon / 10% Aramid/Fibreglass
  • Balance point: 39+-
  • Weight: 525g +-
  • Bow 24.5mm
  • Bow placement 250mm

Y1 Technologies

  • Y1 Premium Japanese Carbon
  • Powerzone to increase backhand performance.
  • Y1 ‘Flat face’ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills.
  • Y1 GLB bow specifically designed for the modern player.
  • Bristled Extended High control area on head/shaft (EHCA).