• Grays GR4000 Dynabow Jr. 2020 Back Blue Orange
  • Grays GR4000 Dynabow Jr. 2020 Face Blue Orange

GR4000 Dynabow Jr. (2020)

The Grays GR4000 Dynabow Jr. is the best stick for all round play, thanks to the Dynabow shape. The GR4000 Dynabow has a high power output while keeping a greater touch and feel.


  • COLOURS: Blue/Red
  • LENGTHS: 33, 34, 35, 36.5L, 37.5L, 38.5L Junior version available
  • Ideal for controlling the ball and executing short passes.
  • Graphene offers unique combination of powerful energy transfer and shock absorbing properties.
  • Dynabow blade profile is ideal for stick handling and now combined with Micro head for improved 3D skill execution.
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MODEL NAME: GRAYS GR4000 Dynabow Jr. (2020)