• Hi Control RH Black Palm/Yellow

Hi Control RH Black Palm/Yellow


Robo hand protectors are made from closed cell foam for maximum protection, but minimum weight for quicker movement towards the ball.
The Hi-Control Right Hand allows greater mobility both with the stick in a fixed position, and when sliding the stick out for extra reach.
The profile of the right hand enables the stick to lie flat on the ground so that the ball cannot get underneath - unlike many other designs.

The right hand protector has an additional 20 mm of high rebound foam on the front face, giving increased protection and enabling goalies to get heaps of rebound.
The hand protection has also been increased by the addition of 3 mm of polycarbonate, placed between the main body of the hand protector, and the rebound face.
This has been designed to give added protection when facing really fast balls.


  • Easy To Adjust Straps - Fully recessed and very secure hand and thumb straps
  • Comfort Pads - One hands and thumbs
  • Soft Foam In Wrist Area - Comfortable but still protective
  • Very Flat Round Profile - For easy and reliable ground clearances
  • Rigid Outer Shell - Made from very Hi Density foam providing outstanding finger and thumb protection
  • Ultra Hi Density Foam - 10mm (Behind) the front face for added hand protection
  • Medium Density Foam - On the front face for controlled rebound protection where you need it
  • Saving Surface Area - 527sq cm