Hi Rebound Right Hand Orange


This is a strong and powerful glove so you will never fear facing anything that comes towards the goal. Strong in terms of its construction, powerful in terms of very high and controlled rebound combined with the highest level of protection and there is no need for straps.
The special design offers various features on different parts of the glove: Big blocking surface with high rebound allowing you to deflect the ball with the same speed away from danger; Hard foam on places where the glove touches the ground to provide sliding ability and good handling for your stick work on the ground;
Special face for PC defence that offers you high finger protection and controlled rebound.


  • Large Blacking Face - With amazing rebound utilising special foams and shaping that gives the opportunity to guide the ball away from the goal towards the sidelines.
  • Hidden Very High Density Polyethylene Foam - To give amazing protection and increase rebound off the front face
  • Stick Exit Hole - Reinforced and evenly shaped for durability
  • Extremely Hi Rebound - With good direction control
  • Slide & Protection Panel - For penalty corner defence that offers you complete finger protection, easy sliding and controlled rebound.  Please Note you will need to turn your stick slightly as you go to ground so that your stick faces the ball.
  • Special Blocking Area - For short corner defence and back hand tackle
  • Saving Surface Area - 640sq cm