• Ritual Response 75 2019 Black White Copper Back
  • Ritual Response 75 2019 Black White Copper Face

Response 75 (2019)

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The Perfect Mid Bow

A performance stick that includes a traditional mid curve as well as a thicker handle and rectangular sides for larger edge hitting zone. Response 75 has a smooth, continuous 24mm curve distributed along the full length of the shaft and a 75% carbon construction. This is combined with a straight handle give a less exaggerated feel but with enough curve for modern skills. 

Designed for all-around use and suitable for all playing positions. Especially suited to more upright players looking for a stick with traditional handling characteristics and style plus a performance edge.

Response 75 specs
Key Specs Head Handle Construction

540g Weight

385mm Balance Point

24mm Bow Height

300mm Mid Bow Point

45° angle

115mm length

25.3mm thick

Silica face

31mm thick

Chamois Grip

AntiShock Foam

75% Carbon

20% Fibreglass

5% Kevlar