• Super Pro Shinguards 2014 CLEARANCE | The Hockey Centre
  • Super Pro Shinguards 2014 CLEARANCE | The Hockey Centre
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Super Pro Shinguards

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These are a clearance product from the 2014 range.


Super-Pro Shinguards

Colour coded for size

Sizes - X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

A simple plastic shell shinguards with a foam layer on the front and back of the plastic. The flexible ankle caps provide additional protection whilst the straps offer a tight fit if the covering sock rolls down.


General Information  

Shin guards should cover the length of your leg, from ankle to knee minus one - two inches. They should offer maximum protection while at the same time not hindering performance of the hockey player.

Some shin guards come with ankle protection to provide added support to this area of the foot and are slipped on like a sock with an elasticated strap underneath the foot the sock is then pulled on over the shin pad.

Other shin pads just have the shin bone protection and are generally placed down the front of the sock.  Most hockey players wear 2 pairs of sock one against the leg the other is pulled up over the shin pad, this can prevent irritation and allow a little air flow between the leg and the shin pad.

Care & Advice

The best advice we can give players who wear shin pads it to remove them as soon as their activity is finished, this prevents the legs from sweating and getting irritated.

Once at home it is best to take your shin pads out of your bag and air them, but do not place them on a radiator or somewhere very warm as this could dry out the shin pad and possibly lead it to crack and break.