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Velocity+ 75 (2020)

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The Ritual Velocity+ 75 is the perfect intermediate hockey stick for players that want the edge on the hockey pitch. The Velocity+ 75 is made from Carbon and Fiberglass to give you ultimate power and control. The Velocity is a bow to enhance your 3D skills.


Innovative Low Curve Design

Velocity+ 75 is our mid-range Velocity model.
It’s forged from 75% premium Japanese carbon, which puts it neatly between the Velocity 55 and Velocity 95.
All three sticks feature the same innovative design profile: an aggressive 24mm low curve, late 250mm bow point, 45° head angle and 390mm balance point.
This makes the
Velocity+ 75 one of our most well-rounded high-performance sticks.
Good for every position and playstyle.
The 75% carbon construction offers a nice blend of power, speed and control, with razor-sharp flicking potential.

The new Plus+ head has been designed to give you greater surface area between the ball and the head of the stick.
*Includes the new triple-layer handle system: a fused gel layer that reduces impact and vibration. The EVA Foam wrap increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction.

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 530g
  • Balance Point: 390mm
  • Bow Height: 24mm
  • Late Bow Point: 250mm


  • Angle: 45°
  • Length: 116mm
  • Thickness: 24.5mm
  • Silica Face


  • Thickness: 30.4mm
  • Supersoft Grip
  • Antishock EVA Foam
  • Impact Gel


  • Carbon: 75%
  • Fiberglass: 20%
  • Kevlar: 5%
Velocity 75 specs

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