Grays AC8 Probow-S (2021)
Grays AC8 Probow-S (2021)


AC8 Probow-S (2024)

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    The new Grays AC8 Probow-S is the ultimate elite hockey stick for players that want to have the edge on the hockey pitch. The new AEROCORE is designed to give you control of the hockey ball while giving you extreme power. The Probow-S shape is for enhanced drag flicking and aerial skills.


    This is Aerocore. The most advanced hockey stick we have ever created. In the new Aerocore collection, every element of the stick has been evaluated & optimised to provide the best performing sticks in Grays’ history. Aerospace-grade foam is used within the core, providing exceptional feel & complete control of weight distribution. New head shapes & blade profiles are offered as Grays continues to service the ever-changing demands of players throughout the game. The AC collection offers players the perfect blend of striking design and elite performance.


    • Power, control & speed are well balanced to offer all-round high performance.
    • New Probow-S blade profile is designed for fast paced play – specifically aiding 3D skills, drag flicking & aerials.
    • New Apex head shape offers greater reverse-trapping stability & lighter pickup for faster hand speed.
    • Improved, LBZ (Low Backhand Zone) is more clearly defined than ever before, with a larger surface area stabilising contact between stick & ball - delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time.

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