BURNER Hot Red (2020)

The Grays Burner Hot Red is a hockey shoes that is built for giving your best during training and matches. The Burner shoe is a lightweight yet supportive hockey shoe, that will provide uncompromising performance on the hockey pitch.


    • ASP (ALL SURFACE PERFORMANCE) High performance rubber outsole for ultimate traction and grip on synthetic sand based surfaces. Cleat pattern designed to improve the efficiency of movements in hockey – larger perimeter studs provide better traction when turning.
    • AST (ALL SURFACE TRACTION) SOLE UNIT Offering outstanding traction and grip, especially on water based surfaces. Softer feel TPU cleats make significant weight saving and provide outstanding purchase on the synthetic surfaces allowing for quicker, tighter turns
    • LOW PROFILE MIDSOLE The improved midsole contains strategic flex grooves aligned with the outsole to promote quick sharp movements.
    • IMPULSE+ An innovative cushioning technology compresses under pressure for better shock absorption with natural impulse to return instantly to its original shape. Impluse+ offers superior energy return, thus delivering more comfort and performance.
  • LAST
    • LP - PACE - CALIFORNIA SLIP LASTED Low profile dynamic last improves fit and player speed.
    • INTERNAL SHF (SUPERIOR HEEL FIT) Built in TPU counter provides stability and a secure fit reducing lateral movement in the heel area, combined with ultra-soft memory foam for a unique fit.
    • AIRFLOW X Footbed Lightweight matrix design for cushioning and ventilation..


    • VENTEX UPPER Built for performance and speed - lightweight breathable VENTEX upper with seamless GORSE Mesh windows for breathability.

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