• Ritual Finesse 75 2019 Black White Copper Back
  • Ritual Finesse 75 2019 Black White Copper Face

Finesse 75 (2019)

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  • £195.00
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A Stick to Enhance Women's Play

The Finesse 75 has a tailored design with an ultra light construction. Designed for comfort & optimum performance, the Finesse 75 has a 23mm late-bow & with a slightly thinner 29mm handle. It features an Anti-Shock foam wrapped handle with soft touch chamois grip. 75% Carbon construction gives a great balance between power & feel. 

Performance isn't just about the stick. It's about the player. The key to women's performance is comfort, and the key to comfort is a light, balanced feel with the right handle thickness. Finesse 75 achieves all this at an affordable price. 

Finesse 75 specs
Key Specs Head Handle Construction

530g Weight

390mm Balance Point
23mm Bow Height
260mm Late Bow Point

45° angle

114mm length

24.5mm thick

Silica face

29mm thick

Chamois Grip

AntiShock Foam

75% Carbon

20% Fibreglass

5% Kevlar