• Guerilla C80 Shadow
  • Guerilla C80 Shadow

Guerilla C80 Shadow

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  • £210.00
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Construction: 80% Carbon 10% Fibreglass 10% Kevlar
Bend: Low Bow, T-27
Lengths: 36.5 and 37.5
Weight: Light

The Shadow is a 80% carbon stick that combines elements of the Stealth and Deception to create a powerful stick that satisfies the skill demands of the majority of players without the exaggerated specialist characteristics of the T-26 & T-27 moulds. The Shadows 25mm low bow positioned at 220mm from the head, along with the dished face (additional feature) aids ball control and precision of slap and flick passes as the ball hugs the dish face channel to be released at the optimum point.

T3 utilises an internal dual spine design, creating three chambers within the shaft rather than just one spine with two chambers as per other brands conventional manufacturing processes. The reality of this construction is that the dual spines; increase stiffness, facilitate greater power generation and energy transfer from player to ball.

#Guerillatroop player testing* confirms that T3 technology enhances power characteristics to the same extent as a 20% increase in carbon, thus making the Stealth have the feel of 100% Carbon stick. All you need do is try and keep up!

*#guerillatroop player testing utilises subjective methods. Guerilla sticks are FIH compliant.