• Guerilla C90 Deception
  • Guerilla C90 Deception

Guerilla C90 Deception

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Product Details

Construction: 90% Carbon 5% Fibreglass 5% Kevlar
Bend: Low Bow, T-27
Lengths: 36.5 and 37.5
Weight: Light

The Deception is a 90% carbon aggressive low bow stick developed with attackers and drag flickers in mind. Utilising innovative Triple Core technology (T3) the Deception enhances the capacity of drag flick speed (also aiding the potential for disguise) whilst the open face assists with aerial & overhead play.

T3 utilises an internal dual spine design, creating three chambers within the shaft rather than just one spine with two chambers as per other brands conventional manufacturing processes. The reality of this construction is that the dual spines; increase stiffness, facilitate greater power generation and energy transfer from player to ball.

The Deception uses the T-27 mould which has a 25mm bend 205 mm from the head to enhance drag flicking prowess.

#Guerillatroop player testing* confirms that T3 technology enhances power characteristics to the same extent as a 20% increase in carbon, thus making the Stealth have the feel of 110% Carbon stick. All you need do is try and keep up!

*#guerillatroop player testing utilises subjective methods. Guerilla sticks are FIH compliant.