• Grays Sakura Cherry Blossom 2020 Back Pink White
  • Grays Sakura Cherry Blossom 2020 Face Pink White

Sakura Cherry Blossom (2020)

The Grays Sakura Cherry Blossom is the new Grays Hockey custom hockey stick, inspired by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The Sakura Cherry Blossom hockey stick is perfect for developing core skills with the help of the Ultrabow shape, while maintaining high power output.


With the eyes of the sporting world turned toward Japan for the 2020 Olympic Games, we set about producing a collection of hockey sticks that drew upon the country’s wealth of visual art, thus creating a truly unique aesthetic within the range that pays tribute to the land of the rising sun. Introducing Asahi and Sakura.

Cherry Blossom
As the Cherry Blossom blooms, so too does a nation’s soul as a country joins together in celebration. Rendered in a graphic style as bold as Japan itself, and inspired by the timeless works of the artist Hokusai, these most delicate of petals paint a vivid picture of Spring, before being born away by the wind for another year, leaving an unblemished memory of joy and fellowship.
This sense of wonder, community and transient beauty underpin both the Olympic spirit, and the Grays 2020 Custom Edition hockey sticks.

  • LENGTHS: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.5L Junior version available
  • Greater response, feel and touch.
  • Ultrabow blade profile ideal for developing core skills and striking the ball.
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