Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)
Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)
Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)
Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)
Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)
Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)

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Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)

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Size:36.5" Light
Pickup available at The Hockey Centre Usually ready in 5+ days

Shosa Kromaskin .1 (2024)

36.5" Light

The Hockey Centre

Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

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    The Adidas Hockey Shosa Kromaskin .1 is the biggest and best hockey stick Adidas have developed. This hockey stick has been designed for players that want to enhance their Drag Flicking hockey skills. The Kromaskin is designed to make sure you have the best power while keeping the close control skills you need.


    The new and improved Shosa shape brings something completely new to the hockey pitch. Working in the shadows until the critical moment and the perfect time to strike. The ultimate drag flick weapon with never-seen-before features.

    The Shosa Kromaskin .1 is the result of an obsession to create the ultimate drag flick stick. The ultra-low bow and drag flick groove create unparalleled ball speeds. The 2024-25 shape offers the same ultra-low bow, with a refined drag flick groove, offering enhanced playability without compromising on drag flick power.

    The structure of the .1 stick is created for maximum stiffness, resulting in ultimate power generation.

    • BOW: Ultra Low Bow - 200mm/24.99mm + Drag Flick Groove
    • HEAD SHAPE: Pure Control


    • KROMASKIN / FULL STICK KROMASKIN COVERAGE: Ultra-thin carbon fiber material wrapping the stick shaft, taken from F1 Racing Technology, improves both the look and the structural performance of the stick.
    • SPREAD TOW CARBON: Higher strength-to-weight ratio than a standard carbon lay-up, increasing the power generation and durability of the stick.
    • DRAG FLICK GROOVE: Helps to keep the ball connected to the stick for as long as possible during the drag flick action, enabling maximum power generation.
    • 3D GEOMETRY: The unique Adidas stick shape stiffens the shaft, giving increased hitting power and a cleaner, sharper finish. The cutaway under side of the stick helps to lift the ball more easily.
    • COMPRESSION CORE: Located in the head of the stick, a hybrid core expands during manufacturing to compress the composite layers, creating a stronger stick with a more consistent structure. It enhances the sweet spot and improves responsiveness when passing and receiving the ball.
    • ACT EDGE: An advanced composite tech material made from high-impact nylon that prevents damage and reduces vibration, strategically placed on the reverse edge.
    • LEADING EDGE SWEETSPOT: The surface area of the reverse edge has been increased to make reverse hitting more powerful and accurate.

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