St George's Genesis CF10
St George's Genesis CF10
St George's Genesis CF10
St George's Genesis CF10

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St George's Genesis CF10

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Size:30" Light
Pickup available at The Hockey Centre Usually ready in 24 hours

St George's Genesis CF10

30" Light

The Hockey Centre

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

1 Manor Way
Old Woking GU22 9JX
United Kingdom


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The Hockey Centre
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    A 10% carbon, mid-bend stick with a high balance point to give great pick-up‚ in the hands of junior players. A super-soft grip helps with comfort and a degree of skill execution whilst the carbon content transfers the power from the player to the ball for hitting and slapping, the midi-head shape helps reverse stick control and skill execution.


    This a 10% carbon stick with a bespoke St George's logo near the head of the stick designed for a Junior player of all levels.


    • 10% Carbon
    • 90% Fiberglass
    • Mid-bend

    Model Name: St George's Genesis CF10

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